Local Investments

With experiences in and understanding of local business environments, Hoàng Giao Law Partners commits strongly support enterprises, companies, domestic and foreign investors in making investment decisions, saving time and costs, connecting investors. We provide services such as:

a. Consultation

  • Investment policy and investment incentives in Vietnam;
  • Potential Risks from Vietnam law system and fluctuations from institution and policies of a project;
  • Level of safeness and feasibility per legal aspects of a project;
  • Investment forms and procedures of doing business pursuant to Vietnamese laws;
  • Looking for and Recommendation of potential Vietnamese partner(s) for business and investment in Vietnam.

b. Services

  • Drafting and assisting to verify the Feasible Research Report of a project;
  • Drafting necessary files to obtain licensed Investment Certificate;
  • Applying dossier for licensed Investment Certificate;
  • Representation for clients in relationship related to the project with Authorities;
  • Post- Investment Certificate Proceedings;
  • Drafting, reviewing investment agreements, investment forms of foreign investors or domestic investors in Vietnam;
  • Assisting in applying for oversea (outside Vietnam) investment proceedings.