About us

Hoàng Giao Law Partners (HG Law) is a Vietnamese law firm built on the professional foundation. Since founded, we always gain client’s trust and satisfaction. We provide legal services based on the principles of quality teamwork, collaboration, and commitment to client service. We take time to understand our clients’ businesses so we can work as an extension of their team. We help them navigate a challenging global landscape through focused, innovative, high quality service. Clients come first at HG Law. We also have a large network of attorneys, partners and local expert working together in many areas.

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    Our commitment – “Creative solutions” in an emerging economy.

    Vietnam – an emerging economy, is now being attractive destination of many international investors. This is also a big opportunity for local companies. For the last 20 years, the business environment in Vietnam has been improved with the additional of many complicated institutions and legal scope. The complexity of government institutions and Vietnam law system are always challenges which need to be faced by investor and companies. Therefore, Creative Solution is most commitment that we bring to our clients.

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    Always with You

    Law practice is a kind of highly intellectual service. In fact, applying law in Vietnam requires lawyers, consultant experts to be passionate and having patience until the end of the case. HG Law is not only “Always with You” but also caring for client’s  long-term benefits. At our firm, collaboration with client closely is a vital factor for success.

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    Responsibility towards Society and Community

    Law practicing has been shaping in Vietnam since 1990s. Legal culture has just formed clearly in our society since 2000s until now. At the end of 2009, there are about 6000 lawyers compare to the population of 88 millions. That means there is only 1 lawyer for about nearly 15000 people. This means the needs of legal aid is very high among marginalized people (the pour, people living with HIV, ethnic minorities, etc.). To respond to this, HG Law with its’ human resources is strongly supporting Clinical Legal Education (CLE) program for young lawyers and law students engaging in free legal aid for marginalized communities at the Institute on Policy, Law & Development (PLD Vietnam). At the office, HG Law encourages the firm’s lawyers, experts and internship students to give time providing free legal aid services for community and marginalized people.